Tivoli Talent Tour is an innovative Tivoli Hotels & Resorts project that will travel over the country in search of new talents in the hotel and tourism sector, aiming to fill 300 vacancies in several areas, with the possibility of immediate hiring.

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TIVOLI Talent Tour



During a week we will go through six cities, Évora (February 26th), Castelo Branco (February 27th), Coimbra (February 28th), Leiria (March 1st), Setúbal (March 2nd) and Vilamoura (March 3rd) – to recruit young people looking for a summer / permanent job or young people looking for a new professional challenge. This project has the support of municipalities, schools and local universities.

The process of interviewing and candidates selection will be carried by a Human Resources team and key elements of the various areas of activity, namely F&B, housekeeping or front office, with the possibility of immediate hiring.

In order to enrich and enhance Tivoli Talent Tour, this roadshow will promote specialized workshops in several areas, under the quality label, which is inherent to the brand, together with the input of recognized professionals from the region group units.

The grand finale is reserved for March 3rd in Vilamoura, where an Open Day will be held at Purobeach.



Take a look at Tivoli Talent Tour first edition.
We want to thank all those who collaborated and took part of this tour, making it possible.

We’ll surely keep in touch, so stay tuned for more news!

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Tivoli Talent Tour team


Tour Map



We’ll begin our adventure at the emblematic and historical city-museum of Évora, whose roots date back from the Romans and whose charm is still immaculated. Endless landscapes enhance majestic beauty and dynamism, and it is with such dynamism that we will be, on February 26th, at University of Évora – Polo do Espírito Santo – from 10:00 to 19:00. We’re counting on you!

Castelo Branco


On February 27th, we’re climbing “Colina da Cardosa” slope where Castelo Branco was born – a historic town owner of secular textile masters – to discover talents and give birth to new opportunities. We’ll be waiting for you, between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm, near Largo do Município – Docas de Castelo Branco.



It would be unthinkable, in a project like this where we seek mastery and talent, not to pass through the cradle Portugal’s dear traditions. With a contagious university spirit and unparalleled beauty Coimbra is where History comes alive and we hope to give you a new perspective of the story that you can tell, within our brand.

Av. Emídio Navarro – Parking lot near Ponte de Santa Clara at Coimbra on the February 28th, from 10:00am to 7:00pm



We’re going to start  March in the cradle of Portuguese poets – Leiria –  city host of a prosperous and contemporary culture, forever attached to D. Afonso Henriques  – Portugal’s 1st King – Reconquest. It is almost in spring mode that we want to conquer you and integrate you in our team. Are you up to the challenge? We’ll be waiting for you in Largo do Papa, between 10:00am and 19:00pm.



To finish our tour we’re going to the city of the blue river that nestles next to Serra da Arrábida and is also endowed with an historical and artistic-cultural beauty. Land of great qualities and taste we are hoping to toast and taste yours. We’ll be waiting for you in Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo, between 10:00am and 19:00pm.



To finish our tour we’re going to  Vilamoura on March 3rd to a unique Open Day.
We’ll be waiting for you at Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, at our laid back Purobeach pool side venue between 2:00pm and 7:00pm.

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